Making An Enquiry With Us

From the moment you make an enquiry with us, we are able to show you the property in Malta or Gozo, you are interested in or others that match your criteria, and help you to shortlist those that meet your requirements most. If you do not reside in Gozo, we are able to pick you up to and from the Mgarr Harbour to show you the sites that may interest you. For those of you who are unable to visit us for an enquiry, We can send you to-scale plans and site plans, including copies of planning documents as required by the Malta Environment and Planning Authority and other permits by post, or we can email you the required plans in pdf format.

We also aim to provide all plans in pdf format on this website. If you do decide to purchase we can help you to find the payment terms that best meet your needs

Signing the Preliminary Agreement (Promise of Sale)

Once buying and selling terms and conditions have been agreed between us, the preliminary agreement is what binds us to sell and you to buy the property at the agreed price and within the agreed timeframes.

The preliminary agreement is written and signed in front of a notary of your choice, and a deposit is paid. Our deposit requirements at preliminary agreement stage are usually 9% of the contract price, but this varies accordingly. 1% would have already been paid prior to the preliminary agreement for confirmation of purchase. A percentage of the stamp duty amount is paid on the preliminary agreement. For more information about stamp duty see our Legal Expenses Section.

Within 3 weeks the notary registers and passes the stamp duty to the Inland Revenue Department to legalise the preliminary agreement according to Maltese law. In helping you prepare for the preliminary agreement we send you all its documentation beforehand for your review, and a draft copy of the preliminary agreement is also sent to the notary of your choice.

We follow the same practice for the eventual signing of the contract. The timeframe between the signing of the preliminary agreement and the signing of the contract is usally of 3-6 months duration, depending on whether you are buying on plan or not. When buying on plan it can be up to 1-2 years duration.

Signing the Contract

The contract can go ahead once the notary has carried out all the required searches on the property and only when a bank loan (where required by client) is approved. At this stage the remaining amount of stamp duty is to be paid, and the notary registers the contract at the public registry.

Our preliminary agreements and contracts are well researched, and we strive to ensure that any detail that is important to you is not left out. We take this responsibility very seriously and have built a strong reputation for providing accuracy and an ethical service. We ensure that the notary and our clients are given the necessary assistance and have all the right documentation. We also constantly follow up with lending institutions and Government Departments, as may be required, for any pending permits or other documentation required by law for the signing of the contracts.

We take pride in the high standards which we have built into our contacts.

Our clients have appreciated the detail we have gone into to ensure that residential quality and safety standards are maintained. These standards help to maintain the value of your property and investment, and your well-being, as well as of those living around you.

Karkanja Ltd.