Situated in the heart of the Mediterranean, the Maltese archipelago consists of Malta, Gozo, Comino, and two further uninhabited islands, Cominetto and Filfla. With Malta being the largest island consisting of an area of 246 km², Gozo follows with an approximate area of 67 km². The Maltese Islands are considered a strategic hub with excellent accessibility to various European and international airports, making travelling flexible, easy and affordable. The diverse picturesque countryside, manifold heritage and the Mediterranean climate blend the perfect attributes for Malta as the place to be or visit.

People & Languages

With centuries of occupation by different nations, the archipelago enjoys different cultural influences from Greek to Spanish and from French to Arabian marking it as a unique attraction for architecture, culinary experiences and culture.  The official languages are English and Maltese which are widely spoken across the hospitable local community alike Italian. The social engagements and local events are as appreciated as the panoramic beaches, coastline and the crystal clear sea all year around.


Malta’s natural and historical wealth combined with its agreeable climate and hospitable nature has turned the archipelago into an all year round holiday destination. Tourism in fact is one of the most vital business sectors of the Maltese economy with over a million visitors coming to the islands every year. Besides this key pier, the financial sector and the online gaming industry are greatly contributing to the economic growth in Malta. Amongst being an EU Member since 2004, the steady capital market growth represents an essential unique selling point for investors from near and far.

Standard of living

The Maltese Islands offer a great standard of living whereas the average costs of living are substantially lower than in many other European countries while enjoying high international levels in education and medical services.  Maltese Citizens benefit from favourable fiscal benefits and taxes alike living in a stable political fundament within a particularly safe environment.

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