Lemhet il-Kmiemem

As its name suggests, this block overlooks Comino and Cominotto, in Maltese the ‘Kmiemem’.
This small block of 10 units with communal pool is directed towards those who wish to buy something not only differrent, but also a property with nothing less than what the most demanding home buyer expects. Besides the exceptional views and the spacious layouts (142-208sqm) and terraces, this development also indludes the Karkanja’s signature Zero package, formulated on a zero carbon emmision and water efficiency. The package inlcudes the following in the price;

Each residence and common parts owning its own Photovoltaic Panel Electricity Generating Sytem,
Thermal Insulation,
Double Glazed PVC apertures,
Separate 2nd Class Water Plumbing sytem for flushing and irriagtion use supplied by a large Rain Water Reservoir.
A Reverse Osmosis filtration system is also standard in each unit to cut down on plastic and transportation emmissions.
These features also substantially reduce bills.

The package also includes
false ceilings,
fire alram sytem,
sound insulation,
lift and slide mechanism on large apertures
and optional internal natural stone finish.

Each garage comes with an Electric Vehicle charging point and remote controlled door and access as standard.

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